Sular Vadisi Park Lighting Systems

Work: Sular Vadisi Park Lighting Systems

General information related to the park: In addition to the walking ways of approximately 20.534m2, green area of 45.723 m2, pool and artificial creek of 845 m2 and more than 5.000 m2 of social facilities, it is a project including culture center, parking lot, mosques and shopping areas.

Commencement and completion dates: May 2007 – June 2008

Place of work and employer: Istanbul; KİPTAŞ / NAS İnşaat

General scope of the work: In addition to LED decorative lighting systems for the pools, artificial creeks and social facilities, performing the works including the design, projecting, material supply, installation, tests and commissioning of the park entrance and walkway lighting systems as turn-key delivery...

•    LED and animation lighting of the social facilities
•    LED and animation lighting of pools and water areas
•    Lighting systems for parking lot entrance tag and door
•    Lighting systems for park area pedestrian walkways
•    Lighting of parking lot area
•    All relevant electrical wiring works

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