Tunnel Electromechanical Systems

According to the internationally accepted criteria, while evaluating whether a highway tunnel is secure, the issues related to its construction are considered by 14% and the electromechanical systems installed for the tunnel and well management of these systems are considered by 86%.

In order to provide traffic safety depending to various characteristics of the tunnels located on the highways and motorways, electromechanical and automation systems must be installed within the tunnel.

These systems and the criteria on how they will be installed to which tunnel differ based on several national and international standards also accepted by our country.

Ultra Teknoloji has significant work experiences on creating the architecture of the tunnel electromechanical and automation systems, carrying out engineering calculations, projecting, supplying and installing the materials, ensuring integration between the systems, operation and maintenance and service works.

The company carries out professional activities particularly on the following areas for tunnel electromechanical works:

  • Tunnel control center and SCADA software
  • Tunnel energy systems procurement, distribution and management
  • Tunnel lighting and lighting control systems
  • Emergency exits and emergency lighting
  • Tunnel ventilation and ventilation control systems
  • Tunnel traffic control and monitoring systems
  • Monitoring inside and surrounding of the tunnel with camera and CCTV systems
  • Incident detection systems with in-tunnel camera
  • Emergency stations with in-tunnel SOS emergency phone systems
  • In-tunnel fire alarm and monitoring contact systems
  • In-tunnel fire extinguishing systems  
  • Systems for in-tunnel passing gates and tunnel entrance barriers
  • Meteorological systems at tunnel exists for weather and road condition
  • Tunnel radio and wireless systems
  • In-tunnel public announcement systems
  • Telecontrol, PLC, networking and communication systems
  • Online / offline collection and transfer of relevant data inside and surrounding of the tunnel
  • Single center monitoring and management of group tunnels

Electronic inspection, license plate determination and similar applications for determining and monitoring various traffic violations within the tunnel can also be included to the abovementioned systems.